In celebration of the holiday Chapellis will be closed on Easter Sunday


Chapelli’s …

has been a local favorite neighborhood restaurant for the past 17 years. 

How do you try to sum up a what a restaurant is within a few words or paragraph?

I prefer the no “BS” honest approach which seems to come easily to me at 55 years old!

We are a great “east Coast” Italian -American restaurant where we still value manners, a heavy handed drink and some great food served by friendly efficient staff, who are truly the reason for this restaurants success….well and one other great friend!

So here’s the deal, check out the menu, the ratings(which i refuse to pay for!) and give us a call to talk. We still answer the phones, we still greet you with a sincere smile and can always lend a ear at the bar. I for the most part really enjoy people and as my grandmother used to say “visiting”.

If your looking for some overpriced, pretentious place to show off while texting your friends and  drinking  some trendy pink  cocktail….I suggest you go elsewhere!


If you want to put down your smart phone for a few minutes, and come in and enjoy your evening, have a great meal served by super people….give us a call.

Keep it simple folks…enjoy your family  and friends and have a great time!
John S Reynolds

Be Nice…it costs nothing!